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FSUE «Production Association «Mayak» (FSUE «PA «Mayak»), Ozersk, Chelyabinsk region - the first industrial facility of the domestic nuclear industry. - is the leading enterprise of the Russian nuclear weapons complex and provides state security, fulfilling the state defense order for the production of components of modern nuclear weapons.
The first uranium-graphite industrial reactor in the country and on the Eurasian continent.

On June 19, 1948, the first in the country and on the Eurasian continent, the uranium-graphite industrial reactor was launched at the Mayak PA. The creation of an enterprise for the production of weapons-grade plutonium was the core of the Uranium Project.

For the construction of the first in the USSR enterprise for the production of plutonium for military purposes, a site was chosen in the South Urals near the location of the ancient Urals cities of Kasli and Kyshtym.

     In a short time, a unique atomic complex and a new city were built literally from scratch. In the shortest time the workers of the enterprise under the leadership of leading scientists of the country mastered the most complicated production      and provided the creation of materials for nuclear weapons. A complex of reactor, radiochemical and metallurgical facilities was set up at FSUE Mayak PA to provide Soviet nuclear weapons with plutonium      programs.

A set of interrelated productions


         At present, FSUE Mayak PA is a modern enterprise that is part of the State Atomic Energy Corporation Rosatom, which is a complex of interconnected industries structurally allocated to factories and production          division.     

        The large-scale program for the development of domestic nuclear energy, declared by the President of the Russian Federation, also determines the permanent employment of Mayak's civilian production facilities.     


Embedding existing technologies at Mayak in the implementation of Russia's energy program is one of the main tasks facing the enterprise.


        As before, the main attention will be paid to security issues, the implementation of the state defense order, the development of new industries, the solution of environmental problems left over from the first years of operation of the plant.