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Chemical and metallurgical production

FSUE "PO "Mayak" is one of the main enterprises of the nuclear weapons complex of Russia, which ensures the implementation of our country's policy of nuclear deterrence. To solve the enterprise challenges of chemical-metallurgical production AT the "Mayak" has developed rapidly since its formation. Chemical-metallurgical production is constantly working on modernization and reconstruction of existing and creation of new industries (as in the framework of the Federal target programs and private funds). Carrying out research and development work allows us to constantly improve and upgrade the technological process of chemical-metallurgical production, introduce modern methods of processing of special materials, create unique units and equipment, allowing a high level of quality to mass-produce products of a wide range. Along with the execution of works under the State defense order within the framework of diversifying the plant is operating "Package", intended for the manufacture of fuel elements for fuel assemblies of nuclear reactors.
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