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Chemical production

Chemical production is an integral part of the nuclear weapons complex of the enterprise. Production of defense products is being carried out at the Mayak chemical plant. Unique technologies of chemical production, thermovacuum treatment, low-temperature rectification of hydrogen isotopes, production of fine powders, which are owned exclusively by Mayak, allow producing products that meet modern requirements. In the process of reducing strategic and offensive weapons in the late 90's, the problem arose of utilizing surplus stocks of special products. Experts of chemical production have worked out and implemented in industrial production recycling technology. For the solution of this important State task, a group of RFNC-VNIIEF and Mayak specialists became laureates of the Government of the Russian Federation Prize in the field of science and technology. On the basis of unique technologies, the plant mastered the production of powder materials, light elements of sighting devices, titanium hydrated fractions, designed to provide biological protection for transport power plants. Since 2015, production of neutron counters "CLEAN" on the basis of helium-3, intended for recording slow (thermal) neutrons, has been mastered.
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