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Instrument-mechanical production

Instrumentation and mechanical plant FSUE "PO Mayak performs the complete cycle from design, fabrication to installation, maintenance and repair of measuring and control General parameters, radiation and analytical control, as well as measurement and control of special purpose automated control systems and technological process control systems of nuclear and radiation safety. The plant, having in its composition design production and service of instrumentation and automation was established primarily to address problems of instrument control of defense production. The specific features of the production of nuclear materials and products demanded the creation of a high-precision, reliable and durable devices. Instrument products and systems, designed and manufactured in the factory are applied not only at FSUE "PO Mayak, but the nuclear industry enterprises, Russian and foreign nuclear power plants. The plant specialists developed and implemented at the enterprise the automated system of continuous comprehensive monitoring of nuclear - and radiation hazardous facilities and goods (ASMARA). The main purpose of this system – reducing the risk of crisis situations.
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