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Radiochemical production

The RT-1 plant is the only active enterprise on the regeneration of spent nuclear fuel (SNF) reactors of nuclear power plants, nuclear fleet and reactors, research centers and industrial reactors. Currently the plant is processing spent nuclear fuel: • power reactors (bn-350, VVER-440, bn-600, RBMK-1000, VVER-1000; bn-MOX); • research reactors of Russian and foreign scientific centers; • transport power plants of submarine and surface naval fleet with various fuel compositions of the spent fuel; • industrial reactors of FGUP "PO "Mayak", JSC "SKhK", FSUE "GKhK". The target products of SNF reprocessing are: • production of various uranium enrichment for the manufacture of fuel from power reactors; • dioxide of plutonium which is currently stored in specialized repositories (it is planned to supply on the industry for the production of fuel for fast reactors). For the development of new technologies of SNF reprocessing complex RT-1, FSUE "PA "Mayak" has a significant advantage compared to other similar industries – flexibility flow diagram that gives you the opportunity to test new technological processes in the conditions of production. An important aspect of work for reprocessing is the organization of safe handling of radioactive waste. Since 1987 operated the vitrification complex. The main objective of this production – the immobilization of high level waste (HLW) in furnaces direct electric heating. For the organization of the processing liquid intermediate-level waste in full commissioning of the complex cementing design capacity of up to 2000 tonnes per year for the compound. To date, discontinued discharges of CAO in industrial ponds. The plant mastered the technology of processing low-level liquid radioactive solutions. It is planned the creation of a complex for the purification of NAO under FTP NRS-2. Work is underway on the creation of an integrated system for solid radioactive waste of all types. The planned creation of a number of plants for processing of SRW and preparation of the conditioned wastes for long term storage or disposal.
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