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Reactor production

On June 19, 1948, the first in the country uranium-graphite industrial reactor A "Annushka" was launched at FSUE "PO Mayak".           Today, two industrial reactors operate at the Mayak PA: light water RUSLAN (since 1982) and heavy water LF-2 (since 1988). Both reactors have unique neutron-physical characteristics and allow obtaining a wide nomenclature of radioactive isotopes. The release of conversion products using irradiation processes was mastered. A site for radiation irradiation of polymeric materials and radiation sterilization of medical devices was organized.                At the Mayak chemical plant, production of special defense products and the recycling of returnable products are being carried out. On the basis of unique technologies, the production of microlight elements of sighting devices was mastered at the plant. In addition, light signals are produced to inform about evacuation routes and locations of fire extinguishing means.
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