Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Mayak Production Association"
State Enterprise "Rosatom"
Rus Eng

Machine Tool Building

At the sites of FSUE "PO Mayak" is under construction and reconstruction of 24 sites funded by the federal budget. The volume of funds used at capital construction facilities is comparable to the amount of funds received from the core business of our enterprise. The objects of capital construction at the enterprise are unique, technically complex, dissimilar to each other. There are no similar structures or their analogs in Russia. At construction sites there are about 1100 people, and the need is 2500 people. The structural subdivisions of our enterprise (repair and construction and assembly workshop, instrument-mechanical plant, ecology and power supply plant, communication workshop) are also used to perform both specialized types of works (fabrication and installation of systems, closure of the reservoir V-9) and general construction works, to fulfill the planned tasks of the State Defense Order on subcontracting of construction organizations. The management of the capital construction and design offices of the factories FSUE "PO Mayak" performs the functions of the state technical customer.
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