EN Rus

Brokhovich Boris Vasilevich (may 1971 - dec 1989)

Born 22 April (9 April old style) 1916 year in Nevel district Catcher a Velikolukskaya area. In 1935 he entered the Tomsk industrial Institute, which he graduated in 1941 year qualification of engineer-electrician. In October 1946 the year under the permit of the Chelyabinsk Regional Party Committee arrived at the construction site is the " Lighthouse " chemical plant, where he worked as head of Department equipment, Chief powerman plant 25 24 plant as shift supervisor, Chief Engineer of the plant 156, 156 works Manager (1963-1971). From 1971 to 1989 year-Director of the plant. Candidate of technical sciences. Hero of Socialist Labor (1966). Lenin Prize (1960) and the State (1953).
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