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Bystrov Peter Timofeevich (apr 1946 - jule 1947)

He was born on August 9, 1907. Unlike many engineers and technicians who came to administrative positions "from the machine tool," P.T. Bystrov received a good education even by modern standards. In 1924 he graduated from six classes of the school of peasant youth, a year later - the full course of the Morshansk railway seven-year plan. In 1926 - 1930, Pyotr Timofeevich studied at the Saransk Industrial Technical School. In 1930, he was drafted into the military service and sent as a specialist to work at the Dzerzhinsky Plant No. 80 of the People's Commissariat of Ammunition. In 1932, the public organizations of the plant number 80 was sent to the Tomsk Industrial Institute, whose energy faculty was graduated in April 1936 by Pyotr Timofeevich. A young heating engineer is sent to the Kemerovo Combine No. 392 of the People's Commissariat of Ammunition, where, after passing a rich production and life school, he successfully worked for many years as the chief power engineer. In 1944, the resolution of the Government of the USSR P.T. Bystrov was appointed head of the plant number 129. A year later he was awarded the title of "engineer-colonel." On April 9, 1946, P.T. Bystrov is appointed director of the State Plant No. 817 (PA Mayak), the first nuclear plant in Europe and the USSR. The personnel requirements of the "Atomic Project No. 1" were special. In many respects and with the Directorate of PT. The history of the Mayak production association began quickly. For the activities at the plant No. 817 in 1946 - 1949, P.T. Bystrov was awarded the Order of Lenin (for exemplary performance of the special task of the Government). He was previously awarded with high government decorations - in 1942 the Order of the Red Banner of Labor (for exemplary performance of tasks for the production of ammunition), in 1945 the Order of Lenin (for the successful fulfillment of the tasks of the State Defense Committee for the production of gunpowder, explosives and ammunition). Pyotr Timofeevich was also awarded medals "For victory over Germany in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945", "For Valiant Labor in the Great Patriotic War".
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