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Fetisov Viktor Ilich

Born January 12, 1941 in dergachi Saratov region. Childhood and teenage years were spent in the village of Davydivka Voronezh region. In the city of Ozersk since 1958 year. In 1961 year graduated with honors from South Ural Polytechnic and sent tech Instrumentation at the factory 156. In 1967 he graduated from OTI MIFI on speciality " automation and electronics " the qualification of engineer-physicist. He worked as an engineer in instrumentation, Deputy Chief of the plant priborista 156, Chief Engineer of the plant 40. Under his leadership, a number of complex reconstruction and technical re-equipment of production, improve the systems of control and automation of technological processes. In December 1989 the year shall be appointed by the Director of the production association " Lighthouse ". With his direct participation have been developed and adopted by the " law on social protection of citizens exposed to radiation as a result of the accident of the year 1957 and radioactive discharges into the river Techa, " the State programme for the rehabilitation of the territories The Ural region. Has been repeatedly elected to elective posts in the party and Soviet organs, was a Deputy of the City Council of people's deputies of several Convocations. In 1990 he was elected Chairman of the City Council of people's deputies. In 1992 he was elected people's Deputy of RSFSR on the Kyshtymskomu constituency. Worked as a Secretary of the Party Committee of the plant, second and first Secretary of the city Party Committee, Chairman of the Executive Committee. He was awarded the order of the badge of honor " ", medals for excellence in " ", " for valorous work ", " ", a labour veteran " Veteran of Atomic Energy and industry ", has repeatedly encouraged the leadership of the ministries, city and enterprise.
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