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Mishenkov_Grigoriy_Vasilevich (nov. 1957- feb. 1960

Born December 16, 1907 year in suburb of Kherson. In 1925 the year he graduated from Kherson profshkolu and was sent to work at the agricultural engineering hersonskij Zavod IM. Petrovsky fitter. In 1930 he graduated from Odessa Chemical Institute, then worked in the city of Stalino on the nitrogen plant, where he was promoted from Chief of shift to Deputy Chief Engineer of the plant. In 1948 transferred to work in Moscow, Glavazot Chief of the PTI. With December 22, 1948 year Mishenkov G.v.-Deputy Chief Engineer of the plant No. 817, in 1949 he was appointed Chief Engineer. From 1958 to 1960 year-Director of the plant. Mishenkov four times laureate of the State Prize. First Stalin Prize for fundamental improvement of technological processes of heavy organic synthesis. 1961-1962, laureate of Lenin Prize y.-hero of Socialist Labor. He was awarded the order "sign of honour", Medal "for valorous work in the great patriotic war, the order of the red banner of labour (1953) and order of Lenin (1954, 1962).
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