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Muzrukov Boris Glebovich (nov 1947 - nov 1953)

Director of the Ural plant of heavy machinery, the Director of the plant No. 817, twice hero of Socialist Labor. Born in 1904, in Lodeynoye pole (now Leningradskaya oblast), in the family of a serviceman. After graduating from the Leningrad technological Institute from 1929 to 1939 he worked at the Kirov Factory in Leningrad people's Commissariat for heavy industry, from engineer to Chief metallurgist plant. From 1939 to 1947 he worked in Sverdlovsk, Director of the country's largest Ural machine-building plant of heavy machine building Ministry. After the start of construction of the plutonium plant in Chelyabinsk-40 to ensure reliable operation of the Organization industrial reactors, radiochemical, metallurgical and metal-working manufacturing plutonium and uranium-235 b. G. Muzrukov shall be appointed by the Director of the plant No. 817, where works from 1947 to 1953 g. After organizing in 1953 g. Ministry of medium machinebuilding b. g. Muzrukov translated as Chief of leading hlavka (4th GU), which ensures the production of plutonium and uranium-235. In 1955, his remit as Director of experimental physics RESEARCH in Arzamas-16.
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