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Wishing to find a job

Wishing to get work at FSUE Mayak can fill out the Summary of a job applicant. If necessary to fill the jobs of the summary would be considered heads of structural subdivisions, as well as personnel management specialists FSUE Mayak. Applicants for employment and employees can upload (copy) from the site of the enterprise software to fill in forms on the complainant's computer attributes, save them as a file and print the application form on the required sample. Then you must copy the data forms on USB flash drive and together with the printed application form to pass HR company for verification. If you have problems in filling the questionnaire, please contact customer service by phone at 2-06-01.

ATTENTION! The questionnaire can fill only candidates who have passed preliminary (primary) interview with the head of (representative) of the structural unit and invited to the personnel Department of the enterprise at: ozersk (Russia), etc. Lenina 29. CV, application form, familiarity with the documents the candidate interviews, testing does not guarantee employment.