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Dear grade 11 graduates!
The FSUE Mayak reception of applications for directions to the target admission to educational institution of higher professional education in accordance with the State plan job training organizations the military-industrial complex. The rules governing the granting of targeted areas to get directions on the targeted training of FSUE Mayak is necessary:

1. to submit a package of documents on the target:
  1) Statement on the letterhead of FSUE Mayak (sample application attached). List of specialties and directions of training (Bachelor, master, and specialist degree) is attached (the list).
  2) documents:
    -a certificate from the training;
    -Executive summary;
    -Help about for 1 half-year;
    -a copy of passport (pages 2, 3, 5). If at the time of conclusion of the contract (15.06.2017), the complainant is nesovrshennoletnim, copy of the passport of the legal representative of the applicant (parent).
    -portfolio on the chosen specialty (optional) and copies (per training period with 9 to 11 class).

The deadline for the receipt of documents: from 27.02.2017 to 29.05.2017 of the year.
2. To provide a certificate from the training on the results of putting EGE.
3. Draw up a contract with FSUE Mayak on target training (prior to the target admission in educational institutions) (contract sample attached).
4. Get the target direction under the signature. For residents of Ozersk receiving documents drawing up a contract of target training, issuance of target areas are held in the training center of FSUE "Mayak. Construction, 20. 102.

Reception hours: Wednesday, Thursday from 15:00 to 17:30, Tel. (351 30) 3-73-49. Nonresident inhabitants of package of documents under agenda item 1 to send in a scanned form by e-mail: IAMalceva@po-mayak.ru. Information about the order of execution of the target training and issuance of target areas can be obtained on the phone. Contacts: Tel.: (351 30) 3-73-49 e-mail: IAMalceva@po-mayak.ru