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On the outcomes of FTP NRS-1 and tasks of the second program
FSUE "PO Mayak" is one of the participants of the Federal Target Program "Ensuring Nuclear and Radiation Safety". About the work carried out at the enterprise within the framework of the federal target program, and the most important tasks facing the team, we talked with Deputy Director General of FSUE PA Mayak on strategic development Dmitry Kolupaev.

- Dmitry Nikiforovich, please tell us what was done by the enterprise within the framework of the federal target program NRS-1, which ended in 2015?

- The objectives of the first federal target program are aimed primarily at resolving the priority problems in the field of nuclear and radiation safety in our country. Within the framework of these tasks, FSUE PA "Mayak" carried out works in two main directions.

The first is the improvement of technologies for handling the most problematic types of radioactive waste, including the reduction of spent nuclear fuel (SNF) from nuclear submarines and nuclear power plants. Within the framework of this direction, capacities for processing radioactive wastes of various aggregate states and activities were created, a program was implemented to export the federal property from the scientific centers and defective fuel of nuclear submarines from the Navy bases for reprocessing of irradiated nuclear fuel. In addition, the processing of those fuels that until now were considered unprocessable was mastered.

The second direction is to ensure the safety of storage of radioactive waste accumulated during the period when the company fulfilled the first Nuclear Project for the development of nuclear weapons. In the framework of this direction, in particular, work was carried out on the conservation of the Karachay reservoir and a set of works to ensure long-term safe operation of the reservoirs of the Techa Cascade. This set of works was aimed at guaranteed stabilization (regardless of weather conditions) of water levels in reservoirs (a complex of sewage treatment plants at the public sewerage system of water in the industrial site of the enterprise) and to reduce the filtration of radionuclides from water bodies into the open hydrographic system (a system of threshold regulators water levels on the bypass channels of the Techa cascade of reservoirs).

- The government of the Russian Federation approved the federal target program NRS-2 for the next fifteen years. What new tasks were posed to FSUE "PA" Mayak "? What is done, what is in the process, what are the plans for the next five years?

- The new federal target program to some extent continues the work begun in the first document. Work continues on the creation and improvement of the radioactive waste management system, but new directions are emerging, which are being developed to solve the next tasks in the field of nuclear and radiation safety. One of these areas is the decommissioning of unused buildings and structures. Thus, within the framework of the federal target program NRS-2, four of the six factories of our enterprise are supposed to decommission unused buildings and structures. In the period until 2020, these will be preparatory stages related to the pre-project work, obtaining the necessary permits, and from 2020 this will already be full-scale work.

In addition, of course, work will continue to ensure the processing of all types of fuel that are in federal ownership, financing of which is carried out at the expense of the federal target program. This is primarily the fuel of research reactors, the Navy, partially fueled by nuclear power plants, which is in federal ownership, including in defective form. Modernization of the plant RT-1 in the coming years will allow processing all known types of fuel composition.

The implementation of the FTP will allow to solve all the issues of creating the infrastructure at Mayak, connected with effective activity, plus, on a regular basis, ensure highly effective fulfillment of tasks in the field of decommissioning of old and unused buildings and facilities, as well as the processing of accumulated waste from defense programs .

- One of the activities of the Mayak PA is the creation of a complex for handling SNF from AMB reactors. Tell me more about the work in this direction.
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