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Old traditions, new tasks
The main challenge and time setting is the use of more skilled labor and the technological re-equipment of production in the nuclear industry. Today it is necessary to carry out a much larger amount of work with the same number of employees, which requires mobilization and active participation in the implementation of the tasks assigned by each employee of Rosatom State Corporation enterprises. About this and many other things - in an interview with the new chief engineer of PO Mayak Dmitry Kolupaev.

- Dmitry Nikiforovich, two years ago you were appointed to the post of Deputy General Director of the Mayak Production Association for Strategic Development. During this period of time, what decisions on the development strategy of Mayak, what events in the enterprise are you particularly proud of?

- In April 2015, the development program of FSUE PA "Mayak" was presented at the Supervisory Board of Rosatom. When developing the company's strategy, our main task was to create such a document that would become an effective tool for realizing the goals and objectives in the enterprise development, so that it timely updated and effectively coordinated the most significant development projects. And we succeeded. The Strategic Development Department and the Technical Department monitor and update the strategy on an annual basis and also constantly monitor the key points of its implementation. The most interesting thing is that in 2017 Rosatom has fixed an administrative document on the process of annual actualization of enterprise strategies and further planning their activities. We to some extent outstripped the initiative of the state corporation and for the third year we have been working in this way.

As for the important events, in two years they were quite numerous at the Mayak. Some of them were reported not only by Rosatom's corporate press, but also by leading federal news agencies in Russia. Of the most resonant are: the development of the reprocessing of irradiated nuclear fuel from VVER-1000 reactors, the liquidation of the V-9 (Karachai) reservoir, the stoppage of the discharge of medium-level liquid radioactive waste into technical reservoirs. All these are not only important moments of my professional activity, but also achievement of many years of purposeful work of the entire staff of "Mayakovtsy". With such symbolic events, no doubt, all of us can and should be proud!

- On August 1, you were appointed chief engineer of PA Mayak. Your first reaction to an appointment? Were there other candidates, and why did you choose your choice?

- The change of leaders both at the corporate level and at the enterprises should be perceived correctly. These are management decisions, where there is no room for emotion. On the one hand, this is the trust of management, on the other - a serious commitment to the entire team of the enterprise. It is difficult to judge candidates, I am sure that I am not the only one. But I dare to assume that at that moment I was the most ready to work in this position.

- Are there any worthy candidates - prospective specialists, to replace you as Deputy Director General of PO Mayak for Strategic Development?

- So far, the functions of both the Chief Engineer and Deputy Director General for Strategic Development have been assigned to me. Thus, the task of finding a leader for my former position today is not really worth it. If the situation changes and there is such a need, I think there will be no problems. We have a good staff reserve at the middle management level in many factories. Of course, young leaders often do not have enough horizons and experience, but this business is gainful.

- You used to spend almost all Saturdays and Sundays at work. How has the rhythm and scheme of the working day and week changed?

- Work has become even greater.

- What is the role of the chief engineer at such an enterprise as the "Mayak" software?

- I am familiar with many industries of the nuclear industry. Without exaggeration, I can say that there is no such complex manufacturing complex as the "Mayak" PA in Rosatom. "Mayak" is an association of many high-tech and diverse productions, often potentially very dangerous. Almost all directions of safety with rare exceptions are priority for us: nuclear, radiation, fire, explosion, industrial and many others. Therefore, the role of the chief engineer's service and the head of this service at Mayak can not be overestimated.

- What strategy will you follow in your new position?

- The strategy is simple. In this post, the old traditions of the chief engineer's service should be preserved: this is a strict priority for security issues and an active managerial position. At the same time, new realities dictate new tasks, which until then were not fully attributed to the service of the chief engineer: improving economic efficiency in various aspects, developing new lines of activity in relation to civil products, and finally, reorganizing the enterprise, which we must think about every minute. If the "Mayak" does not change, it will quickly and inevitably stay away from all global processes
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