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At the beginning of new affairs

In March, the Central Factory Laboratory of the Mayak PA celebrated its 70th anniversary. The CPL began with five specialists, who mainly engaged in the fulfillment of the tasks of the management of the plant for assembling the reactor and radiochemical plants. Today ЦЗЛ - the recognized branch leader in the field of applied radiochemistry, analytical control, development of technological processes of any complexity. At the enterprise there is practically no one process in which specialists and scientists of the CPL did not take part.

Recently, a young scientist, Maxim Semenov, was appointed the head of the CPL. We talked with Maxim Alexandrovich about the tasks that the laboratory team faces.

About career lift

- My grandfather and father worked at a chemical and metallurgical plant, my mother is a history teacher. Our family lived in Tatysh, so I went to school No. 22. In the 9th form entered the physics and mathematics lyceum number 39, after his graduation - in OTI NNIU MEPhI on the specialty "Information and measuring technology and technology." I went to the CPL for practice, first worked in the laboratory of nuclear physical methods of analysis, then I moved to Mikhail Yurevich Smetanin's laboratory in the radiation safety group, I returned to the laboratory of nuclear physical methods of analysis under the direction of Sergei Lvovich Levunin, and after a while became its leader .

Most recently, he moved to the position of the head of the CPL. Yes, I agree that it turned out a career lift. Previously, people walked the career ladder, step by step rising to a high position and gradually gaining experience in understanding many technological processes, "overgrown with connections." When you take off in a career elevator, you face certain problems, including a lack of experience in managing a large complex team, which has to be compensated in your free time. I do not think that I was solely my merit in the fact that I became the head of the CPL, most likely this is a combination of circumstances, including the problem of personnel at the Mayak. It would be difficult to imagine such a situation at the enterprise about 30-50 years ago.

About changes in life ЦЗЛ

- The history of the CPL is interesting. Those who know it understand that this is the history of the continuously changing division of a large enterprise. These changes depend on those tasks that the state put before Mayak in different periods. CPL began with a "mighty bunch" of scientists, then laboratories began to be formed. The number of laboratories reached 18, and the strength of the unit was up to 592 people. The number of laboratories decreased and increased - everything determined the time and needs of the enterprise. And today our task is to serve the enterprise and change in accordance with its development strategy. At the same time, the Director General, Mikhail Ivanovich Pokhlebaev, set the task of creating the best CPL in the industry.

In the 1990s, large state corporations abandoned their scientific centers, but afterwards it was still understood that the intracorporate research base is a strategic element of development and survival in a tough and competitive world. All heads of Mayak, despite difficult times, managed to keep the CPL as a whole unit: there was a clear understanding that while the heart of science was beating, the "Mayak" would not turn into a plant of the past. Science is the engine of production, and CPL is still the scientific base of Mayak. But in a continuous cycle of changes, the key element of the CPL is people who created the history of the enterprise and the country 70 years ago, which keep the scientific banner of the CPL today. I want to congratulate all our veterans on behalf of the collective on the 70th anniversary of the CPL! We remember all your labor and scientific feats. Thank you for the story, which we are proud of.

About Tasks

- Today, the CPL faces serious tasks related to the development of new technologies that would allow Mayak to move in the given direction and be one step ahead. For example, last year two projects on reprocessing spent nuclear fuel were successfully implemented: uranium-beryllium and VVER-1000. Several laboratories have worked on these projects together with plant specialists. This year we have to go straight to processing uranium-zirconium fuel.

The future of the enterprise depends on the implementation of strategic projects. One of such projects, in which the CPL takes part, is a research project on fabricating MOX fuel for VVER-type reactors (the so-called thermal MOX). This will allow Mayak to occupy its niche first of all in the Russian market of nuclear fuel fabrication and become a unique enterprise providing a full cycle of services from fuel fabrication to its full processing. By the way, French reactors have long been working on this type of fuel. In addition, the opening of a new direction will allow the company to provide additional jobs.
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