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FSUE "PO "Mayak" is not the source of the high content of ruthenium-106 in the atmosphere
Voiced by Roshydromet data for the contamination isotope ruthenium-106 lead to the conclusion that the dose that could be received by the human 20 thousand times lower than the admissible annual dose and does not pose any danger to the health and lives of people.
The first data on the higher values of volumetric activity of 106Ru in the atmosphere were recorded simultaneously in the countries of Western Europe, in Tatarstan, Volgograd and in the southern Urals at the same levels (10-20 MBq/m3). Extremely high concentrations of 106Ru in the atmosphere were registered in Slovakia (29-30.09.2017) and in Romania (30.09.2017), which are removed by the FSUE "PO "Mayak" at a distance of about 3000 km.
Air pollution isotope ruthenium-106, specified in the message of Roshydromet, not connected with the activities of FSUE "PO "Mayak".
Ruthenium-106 can be released into the atmosphere in the following cases:
1. The tightness of the shell "fuel rods" in a nuclear reactor or in the radiochemical reprocessing of nuclear fuel. This option in this case is not possible, because the atmosphere was bound to be dozens of other fission radionuclides that would be recorded by the radiation monitoring services.
2. In the manufacture of new, existing or recycle their term of sources of ionizing radiation on the basis of ruthenium-106. A typical source of ruthenium-106 has an activity of about 1-10 CI. The complete destruction of this source to the measured concentration of ruthenium-106 in the atmosphere could be registered at a distance up to 500 km and in the place of depressurization of the source would be observed an increased radiation background and strong radioactive pollution.
At FSUE "PO "Mayak" in 2017, the sources of ruthenium-106 was not made, the excess of radionuclides from the plant to the atmosphere is not registered. Radiation background is normal. 
Additionally, we inform that for the separation of 106Ru from the spent fuel (and manufacture on the basis of sources of ionizing radiation) in our company are not held for many years.
Thus, FSUE "PO "Mayak" is not the source of the high content of ruthenium-106 in the atmosphere.
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