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Mayak employees laid oxygen pipeline to Ozersk hospital
he new pipeline will deliver vital oxygen to the ventilators and help save the lives of patients.

In order for oxygen to reach patients safe and sound, pipes have to be installed with particular care: the welded seams must be strong and tight. Therefore, the installation of the oxygen pipeline is carried out by some of the most experienced welders and locksmiths of Mayak - employees of the instrument-mechanical plant.

- The new oxygen pipeline will go from a special gasifier to the second floor of the infectious diseases department. We do it thoroughly: for the new pipes, we installed supports and fasteners on the walls of the buildings. We work efficiently and quickly: in the current situation it is impossible to hesitate, - say the workers.

They decided to install a new oxygen pipeline due to the growing load on the hospital. In less than six months, it was possible to equip almost 100 beds with oxygen. For example, back in the spring, the building of the infectious diseases hospital, which is now being treated for coronavirus, had only 23 "oxygen" points. “At some point, neither the pressure nor the throughput of the existing oxygen pipeline began to be enough,” the experts recall. The Mayak came to the rescue.

- This work has brought together more than a dozen specialists from the chemical and instrument-mechanical plants: everyone understands how important this task is. The new oxygen pipeline will go to the second floor: there are the most severe patients for whom artificial ventilation is vital. We work very quickly: for example, the supports for the oxygen pipeline were installed here in just a few hours, and the whole work took a few days: fortunately, there is enough experience, - emphasizes Oleg Urtsev, chief mechanic of the Mayak PA.
According to the workers, the most difficult thing was to work in the hospital building while connecting the devices to the oxygen pipeline. For their safety, the specialists had to wear protective suits.

- The body does not breathe in them at all: after 20 minutes of work - as after a bath. Just imagine: the suit is solid and it all flows right into the boots. A matter of minutes - they can be removed and poured out, like from rubber boots after a rainstorm. But these are the safety requirements. We know that we are doing important work, because the lives and health of people stand behind it, - the workers say.

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As the specialists of KB No. 71 note, today 120 beds of the kovidny hospital are provided with oxygen. The decision to expand the bed capacity of doctors will be made based on the epidemic situation in the district.

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