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Filters for aerosol TU 95 2314-98


FSUE "PO Mayak" offers aerosol filters TU 95 2314-98 of various sizes and purposes.

A high-efficiency filter is a device in which a gas stream to be cleaned is passed through a fixed layer of microfibrous filter media that retains aerosol particles and gradually accumulates a sediment in their volume.

Properties of aerosol filters:

  • high efficiency of air (gas) purification from solid (dry) highly dispersed particles with a mass concentration of not more than 0.5 mg / m3;
  • effective cleaning of air from liquid aerosol particles, provided that the mass of the trapped liquid should not exceed 10 g per 1 m2 of the surface area of ​​the filter surface.

Application area:

  • purification of technological and industrial emissions containing radioactive or toxic aerosols;
  • Cleaning of air (gas) entering various technological processes;
  • purification of fresh air in air conditioning and recycling dust-removal systems in clean industrial premises;
  • Air purification in systems operating in the "breathing" mode;
  • cleaning of ventilation emissions of chambers, boxes, hoods, etc.

All filters are tested on certified stands of an aerosol laboratory equipped with modern instrumentation.

The use of aerosol filters will make it possible to solve the problems of obtaining clean air rationally and reliably.

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