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Comprehensive service for handling isotope products

FSUE "PA Mayak" is the leading Russian producer and one of the world's largest manufacturers of radionuclide ionizing radiation sources (IRS) and other isotope products.

The enterprise produces over 200 types of sources of alpha, beta, gamma and neutron radiation based on cobalt-60, iridium-192, cesium-137, americium-241, plutonium-238, plutonium-239, prometium-147, strontium- 90, iron-55 and others, carbon-14 preparations, helium-3 gas for Russian consumers and for export.

PA Mayak has all the necessary resources for the development and manufacture of sources of ionizing radiation:

  • own resource base of reactor and fragment isotopes;
  • specialized production and testing areas;
  • experienced designers, scientists, specialists, managers, highly qualified personnel;
  • reliable technologies;
  • own park of containers and specialized vehicles.

Providing an integrated full cycle service from manufacturing to source disposal

Within the framework of the new business line (reception for utilization of spent radionuclide sources), a new model of interaction between FSUE Mayak PA and customers on the principle of a closed chain has been created, which provides customers with optimization of the operation and utilization of sources and, ultimately, substances in the Russian Federation. An obvious advantage for contracting organizations will be the reduction of the time and cost of recharging sources when applying for this service. The integrated full-cycle service is aimed at direct contractual work with organizations operating the production sources of FSUE Mayak PA.

Mayak takes received radionuclide sources of ionizing radiation of its own production and production of other enterprises for processing, conditioning of radioactive waste generated as a result of radioactive waste (RAW) processing, long-term storage of radioactive waste and their transfer to the disposal of the national operator (with the transition of RAO to the economic management of FSUE PO "Mayak" and obligations to pay for their burial).

The testing laboratory of radionuclide production of FSUE "PO Mayak" performs the following types of tests:

1. Tests of compounds and products with radioactive isotopes (including radionuclide generators) (closed) (OK codes 70 1100, 70 1200, 70 1510, 70 1520, 70 1600, 70 1700, 17 1800 excluding 80 1850, 70 1900 ):

  • on strength classes according to GOST R 52241, ISO 2919: 1999 (E), ISO 2919: 2012 (E), GOST 25926;
  • on the RMWS in accordance with GOST R 50629, НП-053-04, the Rules for the Safe Transport of Radioactive Material SSR-6 of the 2012 Edition;
  • leak test according to GOST R 50629, GOST R 51919, ISO 9978: 1992 (E).

2. Tests of transport means for radioactive substances (transport packs) (codes OK (OKP) 69 6840) for normal and emergency transportation conditions in accordance with GOST 16327, NP-053-04, Regulations for the Safe Transport of Radioactive Material SSR-6 edition 2012.

Accreditation certificate №ОИАЭ.RU.010 (IL) of 24.06.2015.

Isotopic production and interrelated services:

  • manufacturing of IRS;
  • recharge of radiation plants and apparatus;
  • recycling / recapping of IRS;
  • long-term storage of spent closed IRIs;
  • utilization of spent closed IRS;
  • provision of containers for rent;
  • transportation of dangerous goods.

Areas of application of ionizing radiation sources:

  • industry (oil and gas, metallurgy, mining, instrument making);
  • agriculture;
  • medicine (radiation therapy and radiation diagnostics);
  • scientific research.
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