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Radiation treatment of materials

At the reactor plant of FSUE "PO Mayak" for more than twenty years, radiation treatment of materials by a source of ionizing radiation (IRS) (gamma quanta) based on the cobalt-60 isotope.

Areas of application of radiation-treated materials:

  • industry (products and materials for oil and gas, metallurgy, mining, construction industries and instrument making, etc.);
  • agriculture;
  • medicine (sterilization of tools and materials);
  • scientific research.

The bulk of the service for radiation treatment of materials falls on the radiation modification of polyethylene of various grades, of which:

  • heat shrink tube;
  • intellectual sleeve;
  • оболочки противопучинных свай.

FSUE "PO Mayak" accepts from customers the marketable products and products for radiation treatment with the aim of imparting the necessary consumer.

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